About Us

Who we are

We are a community of environmental scientists, engineers, planners and biologists who respect the environment that sustains us.  As a full-service environmental consultancy, we deliver industry-leading strategic advice and services to our valued clients.

What we do

We work in a collaborative, constructive, and open business environment that allows us to create custom solutions that consistently meet our clients’ expectations. We fully engage in our clients’ projects and provide honest and forthright communication and advice.  We believe that by treating a client’s project like our own project, and providing quality services, we can deliver the project “The Right Way”.

At LEGACY, we are:

  • 100% employee‐owned, majority-owned by women and proudly Canadian
  • Values‐driven, technical experts who provide expert-level support
  • Collaborative with professionals in other disciplines including developers, engineers, archaeologists, socioeconomic specialists, and air quality and noise specialists
  • Focused on gathering accurate and defensible data and providing practical and pragmatic solutions for our clients

Our Approach

We are guided by our core values that we work and live by:

  • Results Matter: Legacy is constantly evolving and improving in order to get the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Working hard and having fun: Legacy wants both clients and employees to enjoy working collaboratively and has developed a team consisting of people that you will enjoy spending your workday with.
  • Together is better: We collaborate with not only our clients and partners but also as colleagues to find the best solutions possible for clients.
  • Cultivate the best in everyone: Legacy strives to foster an environment where growth, both personal and professional, is encouraged in our employees and partners.
  • Growth is a team sport: We are a team a Legacy and we understand that the growth of our company is collaborative and the result of the hard work of our team and our partners. 

We believe that by treating a client’s project like our own project, and providing open and honest advice and quality services, we can build your project the “Right Way”.