Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer

Senior Regulatory Specialist

P.Biol., R.P.Bio.

Charlie Palmer is an impact assessment and ecology professional with more than 25 years of Canadian and international experience. Charlie has strengths in environmental impact assessment under federal and provincial/ territorial legislation as well as related federal and provincial permitting. His focus is environmental impact assessment (EIA) strategy, mitigation development and assessment, cumulative effects assessment and EIA follow-up, including adaptive management and offsetting.

Charlie has led or worked on impact assessments for highway, wind farm, LNG, port, and run of river hydroelectricity developments in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and New Zealand. This broad sectoral and jurisdictional spread has exposed him to a wide variety of review processes including Federal Panel, Screenings, Harmonized and Substituted processes, Class Environmental Assessments, federal, provincial and territorial Environmental Assessment reviews, and Environmental Assessment exemptions.

Charlie is a frequent advisor to industry and governments finding solutions to EIA challenges and is a regular presenter at industry and practitioner conferences, a trainer, and an occasional lecturer. He enjoys strong coffee, hoppy beer and the mountains.